Wealth in White

A travel collective created by two travel-passionate individuals, Wealth in White by BRIGHT FUTURE HOLDINGS LLP. is a soulful, ever-evolving journey. Introducing to you a brand-new way of experiencing luxury and exclusivity while touring some of the most pristine, untouched, natural landscapes across India.

The Kanatal geodesic glamping experience is the stepping stone in this earthy, sincere attempt – to appreciate, nurture, foster, cultivate and grow soulful places – that will leave you with a feeling of always being “souled out”.

Experience the boundless wealth of nature, through a very unique,
tastefully-curated kaleidoscope – of camping in state-of-the-art geodesic domes

Always Souled Out

"Always souled out” is the singular expression personifying the spellbinding experiences we offer. Immerse in the eternal feeling of bliss, that resides in mountain-clad getaway locales like Kanatal, and you may feel that you have added to your treasure-trove of special experiences, yet another sparkling gem.

From apple orchard meanderings to stunning forest trails to crisp morning cuppas to multi-cuisine majesty to monumental mountain moments to so much else, Wealth in White has much sumptuous soul food for your wander-lusting, wonder-loving soul.

This is that blissful feeling that will reside with you, no matter how long or briefly you experience it.

What We Offer

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